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Highloader airplane air cargo ULD

The AAY Collapsible: Maximising the Efficiency of Your ULD Fleet

The AAY ULD collapsible container solves a very real problem facing all ULD fleet managers: what to do with empty...

cool cherries for perishable containers

Cool Containers for Air Cargo Perishable Goods: Right Time to Invest?

If you’re a ULD manager, making sure your ULD fleet has enough of the right types of (perishable goods) air freight...

Transporting Horses by Air? How to Choose the Right Stall.

When it comes to travelling on airplanes, horses have pretty much the same needs as humans. Both want comfort and extra...

certified ULD cooperating testing

How We Guarantee the Airworthiness of ULDs

When you order a Unit Load Device, you probably look for the safest and most efficient one possible. After all, you...

Skycooler stewardess airplane food meal cool chain

Safeguarding Skycooler’s reputation for quality and reliability

How meticulous planning and knowledge-sharing inspired VRR’s latest RAP. Carving out a niche by transporting fresh,...

Perishable food sushi japan cool transport

Supporting the Future Readiness of Yamato’s Cold Chain Service

How a supply challenge with cool containers led to a fruitful collaboration with VRR. Every year, Japan’s No. 1...

temperature controlled container

Cool Containers for Air Cargo: Should You Buy or Lease?

As a ULD manager, you’ve noticed the increasing demand for cool containers in the air cargo market. And you’re familiar...

fly away kit

How our Fly Away Kit Help Inventory Managers Prevent Cancelled Flights

The Fly Away Kit or FAK is probably the most specialised container on the market. Designed to store and transport the...

Improved RKN/RAP cool containers

Improved RKN/RAP cool containers perform even better

At VRR, we’re not ones to sit back and admire our work. So, we’ve been busy redesigning the RKN and RAP cool...

Covid-19: Will the Air Cargo Industry Survive the Aftermath?

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely shaken the aviation industry. That won’t come as a surprise to anyone. However, it’s...

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