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how to calculate tco

ULDs: How to Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (Part 2)

When buying an asset, it’s essential to weigh up all the direct (obvious) and indirect (obscure) costs before you make...

Total Cost of Ownership

ULDs: The Importance of Calculating Total Cost of Ownership (Part 1)

When it’s time to replace your ageing Unit Load Devices or expand your current fleet, you’ll be looking at more than...

Performance ULD

How to Improve the Performance of Your ULD

ULDs are built to withstand extreme conditions. They have to be. They’re constantly being loaded on and off aircrafts,...

VRR office

Repairing Containers: Costs and Spare Parts

Air cargo containers (also known as Unit Load Devices or ULDs) are a familiar sight in the air cargo industry. There...

Certification Aviation

3 Myths Debunked about Aviation: Certified vs. Non-Certified ULDs – Part 2

In the previous article about the myths surrounding the standards of certified vs. non-certified ULDs it was all about...

Certified vs. Non-Certified ULDs.

6 Myths Debunked about Standards: Certified vs. Non-Certified ULDs – Part 1

The vast majority of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) used today are designed and sold as certified ULDs. That means they meet...

Electronics in planes

Shipping Electronics in Passenger Planes? Here’s a Neat Solution

When you take a trip by plane, you probably take at least one mobile device with you—a phone, a laptop, an e-reader, a...

covid 19 vaccine distribution

COVID Vaccine: Can the Air Cargo Industry Rise to the Occasion?

While the world is holding its breath for scientists to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, the air cargo industry is...

cobot automation

Exploring Industrial Automation with a Welding Cobot

What do you get when you cross traditional production with digital technology, interconnectivity, big data and...

biggest Unit Load Device

Creating the Mother of All Unit Load Devices

How a customer’s simple question led to an amazing six-year engineering collaboration, the creation of a giant...

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