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covid 19 vaccine distribution

COVID Vaccine: Can the Air Cargo Industry Rise to the Occasion?

While the world is holding its breath for scientists to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, the air cargo industry is...

cobot automation

Exploring Industrial Automation with a Welding Cobot

What do you get when you cross traditional production with digital technology, interconnectivity, big data and...

biggest Unit Load Device

Creating the Mother of All Unit Load Devices

How a customer’s simple question led to an amazing six-year engineering collaboration, the creation of a giant...

Safety Challenges in the Express Air Freight

VRR Prepares for Safety Challenges in the Express Air Freight Industry in 2020

In the early days of the express air freight industry, safety technology was pretty basic. In fact, Unit Load Devices...

express air freight industry

5 ways the express air freight industry is getting faster in the '20s

Ask anyone what express delivery means and they’d probably say ‘faster than usual’. Trouble is, what today’s consumers...

Cold Chain Logistics

The Role of Cold Chain Logistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The global pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry isn’t like any other logistics market. It’s huge, it’s complex,...

The world's first inflatable AKE: from wacky idea to working prototype

What does it take to develop a revolutionary new product like the Air7? It starts—quite naturally—with a madcap idea to...

6 ways to boost efficiency in air cargo logistics

Even before Covid-19 infected the world, the extraordinary growth in e-commerce was putting pressure on the supply...

Defying the Coronavirus Pandemic

How the Air Cargo Industry is Defying the Coronavirus Pandemic

The air transport industry has been rocked by the coronavirus pandemic. Airline revenues and passenger numbers are...

stock levels corona

Coronavirus puts ULD stock levels under strain

The air cargo industry has been playing a crucial role during the coronavirus pandemic. But it hasn’t been easy. As...

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