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cool cherries for perishable containers

Cool Containers for Air Cargo Perishable Goods: Right Time to Invest?

If you’re a ULD manager, making sure your ULD fleet has enough of the right types of (perishable goods) air freight...

Skycooler stewardess airplane food meal cool chain

Safeguarding Skycooler’s reputation for quality and reliability

How meticulous planning and knowledge-sharing inspired VRR’s latest RAP. Carving out a niche by transporting fresh,...

Perishable food sushi japan cool transport

Supporting the Future Readiness of Yamato’s Cold Chain Service

How a supply challenge with cool containers led to a fruitful collaboration with VRR Every year, Japan’s No. 1 delivery...

temperature controlled container

Cool Containers for Air Cargo: Should You Buy or Lease?

As a ULD manager, you’ve noticed the increasing demand for cool containers in the air cargo market. And you’re familiar...

Improved RKN/RAP cool containers

Improved RKN/RAP cool containers perform even better

At VRR, we’re not ones to sit back and admire our work. So, we’ve been busy redesigning the RKN and RAP cool...

covid 19 vaccine distribution

COVID Vaccine: Can the Air Cargo Industry Rise to the Occasion?

While the world is holding its breath for scientists to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, the air cargo industry is...

Cold Chain Logistics

The Role of Cold Chain Logistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The global pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry isn’t like any other logistics market. It’s huge, it’s complex,...

Air Freight and Sea Freight

Air Freight and Sea Freight: What’s Best for your Cargo?

As a producer of customized Unit Load Devices, we get a lot of questions from customers about the difference between...

Can rechargeable batteries really oust disposables in cool containers?

There’s no doubt that cool containers play an essential role in the cold chain market. But the cost of disposable...

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