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16 February 2017, last update 12 July 2021

How KLM's operations are more flexible because of new AAF containers

The AAF container is perhaps not the most commonly used aircraft container type in the industry. But it turns out that the AAF container offers KLM - the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands - more flexibility when loading certain types of cargo.

Base size

An aircraft hold can accommodate a variety of base sizes. How many ULDs in total it can take depends on the hold’s configuration which has the capacity for a certain number of e.g. M-base-size ULDs (base size 125 x 96 inch) and/or A-base-size ULDs (base size 125 x 88 inch). The AAF container is an A-base-size ULD, and it’s this slightly smaller base that gives it more adaptability in terms of positioning and balance in the holds of most wide-body aircraft.

The flexible alternative for small-sized cargo

An AAF container offers KLM a great alternative to a pallet for transporting different sizes of mail packaging, from compact boxes and sacks to envelopes and tiny packages. These type of containers are picked when flexibility and efficiency are key.

Design feature

Design features that add to the AAF container’s appeal include:

  • Internal seat track points placed on the left and right side of the pallet base enable cargo to be secured inside the container using straps.
  • The side panels, which are made of Hylite sandwich panels, are impact resistant and very durable, providing excellent protection.
  • An additional stiffener in the roof section means the container can be lifted by a forklift truck.
  • A one-piece cover/net can be attached to the container’s external structure using hooks and straps, and then it can be tightened using buckles.

More info?

If you’d like to know more about the AAF container and how it could help your transport operations, please contact us.




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