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25 January 2017, last update 12 July 2021

How a specialised PMX pallet helps CTBTO make the world safer

The CTBTO (Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization) has two daunting tasks: to encourage all nuclear technology holder countries to sign and ratify the treaty that bans nuclear explosions and to monitor continuously for signs of nuclear explosions anywhere on Earth.

Making sure each and every nuclear explosion is detected requires a unique and extensive verification regime. That is why the CTBTO has 337 monitoring stations worldwide, an advanced communication system, an International Data Centre in Vienna, and inspectors to carry out On-Site Inspections (OSIs).

Gathering evidence of nuclear explosions

The organization’s capabilities are truly impressive: when North Korea tested three times in recent years, the CTBTO informed Member States about the location, size, time and depth of the tests within two hours - and before the actual test had been announced by North Korea.

The secret nature of nuclear testing means many On-Site Inspections are carried out in remote regions of the globe. Nevertheless, inspections should be carried out within days of a suspicious event so that conclusive evidence can be gathered. An on-site inspection is a major operation, and often comprises a convoy of off-road vehicles carrying equipment, tents and the inspection team across inhospitable terrain.

Developing a heavy-duty pallet for rapid deployment of high tech heavy-duty equipment

Some of the equipment used in an OSI is hefty and bulky, and transporting it at speed via commercial cargo aircraft requires a robust cargo pallet. Accordingly, the CTBTO asked VRR to develop a specialised product. A pallet that could carry heavyweight equipment in rapid deployment to harsh conditions. We set about creating a heavy-duty forkliftable version of the industry standard PMC/PMH pallet.

Key features of the PMX pallet:

  • Rigid structure copes with rough handling during multimodal transport and field operations
  • Reinforced base enables the installation of equipment on top
  • Forklift pockets aid efficient ground handling in airports and in the field
  • ISO corners allow cargo to be secured or lifted into position for truck transportation
  • Tie-down points and seat track rails on sides enable load to be secured with net and straps
  • Compatible with most common aircraft and air cargo handling systems

More info?

If you’re interested in knowing more about the heavy duty PMX pallet, please contact us.​


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